Wondering Why You Should Drink Green Juice?

If you’re feeling thirsty this summer, consider reaching for a green juice. Why drink green juice? While all green juices carry the nutritional benefits of their plant ingredients in an easily digestible form, we think green juice from Nourish is extra special. Our juices are made with fresh, organically grown local ingredients when seasonally available. That makes summer the ideal time to pick up a thirst-quenching green juice from Nourish, when our local farms are producing abundant quantities of kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley, and more produce that we love to juice for you!

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Nourish Wellness Cafe started out as a kiosk in the basement of Thornes Marketplace, where we served fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. A little over three years ago, we swapped those accommodations for a much larger and sunnier space on the corner of Market Street and Bridge Street. We still sell fresh juice — along with many more menu items. Our Wellness Bowls, Smoothie Bowls, Nori Rolls and sweet treats get rave reviews from customers who come back again and again.

Not only are the food and drink we serve delicious and nutritious; everything is also all organic, which is rare for a food service establishment in our region! In spite of the challenges, being an all organic restaurant is rewarding to us, and a key part of our mission. So come in and grab a green juice to get nourished.

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Why Drink Green Juice? To Support Local Farms

One answer to the question, “Why drink green juice?” is to support local farms. Some of the farms that provide Nourish with juicy ingredients are:

Queen’s Greens (Amherst, MA). Owned and operated by founders Danya Teitelbaum and Matt Biskup, Queen’s Greens supplies us with kale, spinach, and more seasonal produce grown on 30 acres of fields and greenhouses. From seed to harvest, everything is grown with care by their small team of dedicated farmers.

Gill Greenery (Gill, MA). Seay and Rebekah Minor run this small sprout farm, where they grow eight varieties of sprouts year-round. They supply us with the vibrant wheatgrass we juice and serve as a detoxifying shot. You can take a wheatgrass shot on its own, or add it to any 16 oz juice!

Winter Moon Roots (Hadley, MA). Owner/operator Michael Docter supplies Nourish with beautiful carrots and beets that we use in our juices and smoothies, as well as our salads. These ingredients add natural sweetness and health-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to our juices!

Why Drink Green Juice? Experience the Goodness

If you’re still wondering, “Why drink green juice?” we hope you’ll visit us at Nourish to try our purely delicious juices. They will power you up for a great day, satisfying your thirst and your craving for deep nourishment.

“Incredible selection of high quality smoothies, juices, and foods. Excellent and friendly staff.” – Elizabeth G. on Google Reviews

“I am in love with this place! What a great find and an amazing local location. The workers were very nice. I had the acai bowl and wheatgrass shot. The wheatgrass was very good, the foam was amazing in my shot. The acai bowl was divine! I want to try everything!! We will be back!” – Lavender T. on Yelp

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