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Nourish Wellness Cafe:
Plant-Based Restaurant Menu

At our plant-based restaurant, our intention is to contribute to the health and well-being of our community through the food that we create, the guidance that we offer, and the space that we provide. We are committed to supporting local farmers and business, and use local and fair-trade ingredients whenever possible. We are proud to be a plant-based restaurant, with recipes that are carefully crafted and prepared with love – intended to leave your mind happy, your body nourished, and your soul uplifted.

Why We Are A Plant-Based Restaurant

Natural, unprocessed plant foods have been an important part of a whole-foods diet for thousands of years. Not only are whole plant foods delicious; they’re also packed with nutrients. What’s more, our bodies instinctively know how to break down these found-in-nature foods – so that, through the process of digesting them, we can draw the most benefit from them. Since our ingredients are unprocessed, we can ensure that each of them is of the highest quality, and organically and ethically grown. We dreamed up our plant-based restaurant so that anyone can try creative preparations of nutritious ingredients, and experience their benefits firsthand – in the most delicious ways possible.


10 Bridge Street.
Northampton MA, 01060



(413) 727- 3260



Monday - 8-4

Tuesday 8-2

Wednesday 8-4

Thursday 8-4

Friday 8-5

Saturday 8-5

Sunday 9-4

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