Nourish is a Plant Based Cafe for Everyone

Did you know there’s a plant based cafe in the heart of downtown Northampton? Not only does Nourish Wellness Cafe offer a plant-based menu; we are also 100% organic, and serious about local sourcing. It’s 2018, and more and more people are turning to a plant-based diet. There are so many reasons, ranging from the health benefits of plants, to serious concerns about the meat and dairy industries. We are proud to be a plant based cafe for all these reasons – and because our vegetarian and vegan menu items couldn’t be more delicious! At Nourish Cafe, everyone can find something to please their palate, while making a choice that supports our local farms and our planet. So whether you follow a plant-based diet or are just hungry for some extra nourishment, visit us at our plant based cafe in Noho.

Why Choose a Plant Based Cafe?

Evidence consistently supports the benefits of a vegetarian diet, including a number of recent international studies. A study from the Netherlands looked at almost 6,000 people and found that those who ate a high ratio of plant-derived protein to animal-derived protein were at lower risk of developing coronary heart disease. A Brazilian study looked at approximately 4,500 people and came to a similar conclusion: those who consumed a diet high in plant protein were 60 percent less likely to develop a buildup of plaque in the arteries of the heart, compared to those who ate diets high in animal protein. And a study of South Asian people in the United States found that vegetarianism was associated with lessened risk for heart disease and diabetes. (Source: Medical News Today)

And if you are simply looking to add variety and deliciousness into your life, you can’t go wrong at Nourish. At our plant based cafe, we combine local, organic ingredients in creative ways to bring you healthy food that you’ll love eating.

A Plant Based Cafe for Any Time of Day

We open at 8am Monday-Saturday and 9am Sunday. Rise and shine with one of our hearty breakfast bowls. Choose from seasonal oats, a granola bowl (with coconut milk, almond milk, or Sidehill Farms yogurt), or our specialty blended bowls: Berry Breakfast, Green Goddess, and Acai. For lunch or dinner, our Wellness Bowls are sure to satisfy. Choose brown rice, quinoa or greens topped with sprouts, nuts, house-fermented veggies, avocado, sauce, and more. For a lighter meal or snack, try a creative juice, smoothie, or avo toast. Satisfy your sweet tooth with soft and chewy gluten-free cookies, chia pudding, avocado chocolate mousse, and other sweet treats that vary each day. For a pick-me-up, we’ve got Fair Trade coffee, Dean’s Beans cold brew, and Katalyst Kombucha. We also offer a selection of “Farmacy Shots” for whatever type of boost you’re looking for–Digestive, Cleansing, or Immunity-Boosting!

Check out our menu for full descriptions of all these delicious options and more.

Nourish Wellness Cafe is located at 10 Bridge Street in Northampton. Got questions? Reach out using our Contact Page!

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Image By: Igor Son

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