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Nourish Wellness Cafe is a special establishment in Northampton, MA. We are 100% organic and are committed to locally sourcing as many of our ingredients as possible. We use local, organic ingredients to create delicious plant-based menu items that nourish body, mind, and spirit. So if you are in the Pioneer Valley and searching the web for “vegetarian restaurant near me,” try Nourish Cafe – and enjoy food that was grown and produced near you, too. Keep reading to learn about the network of local farms and purveyors we source from. Then, click here to learn more about our story and philosophy.


Farms we work with, Partners & Suppliers

Queen’s Greens

Queen’s Greens is owned and operated by its founders, Danya Teitelbaum and Matt Biskup. They employ a small team of dedicated farmers committed to growing flavorful, beautiful, certified organic vegetables. Everything is grown with care from seed to harvest on their 30 acres of fields and greenhouses in Amherst, MA, right in the heart of the fertile Pioneer Valley.

Queen’s Greens supplies us with fresh salad greens, kale, spinach and other seasonal produceYou can learn more about the farm at queensgreensfarm.com.

Winter Moon Roots

Located in Hadley, MA, Winter Moon Roots is owned and operated by Michael Docter. From December to March, Winter Moon offers premium quality, organic carrots, beets, parsnips, turnips, and radishes. Michael aspires to make his farm a carbon-neutral operation. He delivers to Nourish and many other folks by way of bike. Check out this link from CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) to learn more about the farm: buylocalfood.org/directory/listing/winter-moon-roots/.

The farm supplies Nourish with beautiful carrots and beets that we use in our juices and salads. We believe his root vegetables are the finest-quality roots you can find!

Real Pickles

Real Pickles is a worker cooperative located in Greenfield, MA. They produce high-quality, traditional pickled foods, using the natural fermentation process. They are committed to promoting human and ecological health by providing people with delicious, nourishing food and by working toward a regional, organic food system.They buy their vegetables only from Northeast family farms and sell their products only within the Northeast. Real Pickles uses 100% organic ingredients.

We use their fermented beets, ginger carrots, and sauerkraut on our wellness bowls, salads and other specials. To learn more about the cooperative and the art of fermentation, visit realpickles.com.

Hosta Hill

Hosta Hill is co-founded by Maddie Elling and Abe Hunrichs. They farm and craft distinctive cultured vegetables in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. They attend farmers markets throughout the region and stock over 100 locations: at supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and institutions in New York and Massachusetts!

Hosta Hill supplies Nourish with kimchi, which we use in our Winter Warmer bowl and other special dishes. If you want to hear more about their story, check out hostahill.com.

Rise Above Bakery

Rise Above is a family-owned bakery on Main Street Greenfield focussing on wholesome honest bread and pastry. Opened in the spring of 2019 by Brian Meunier and Geneve Rege, it has been nourishing their community with hearty, naturally leavened bread, delicate croissants and other delicious pastries and bagels made mostly from locally milled flour (Hadley’s Ground Up!), local eggs, dairy and fruit etc!  Check them out at: https://rise-above-bakery.square.site
We use their hearth-baked Sprouted Rye as the base for many of our toasts! They sprout rye berries for days then mix them into naturally leavened whole grain sourdough!

Gill Greenery

Located in Gill, MA, the Gill Greenery is run by Seay and Rebekah Minor. They are a small, family-owned-and-operated sprout farm. Gill Greenery currently grows eight different varieties of sprouts, year-round, at their indoor facility. They deliver weekly to food co-ops, restaurants, delis, and schools in western Massachusetts, southern Vermont, and New Hampshire.

We use their wonderful sprouts in our wellness bowls. They also supply us with freshly-grown wheatgrass that we juice for our customers to enjoy as a detoxifying shot. Check out this link from CISA to learn more about the farm and their growing practices: buylocalfood.org/growing-sprouts-growing-a-family/.

Dwight Miller Orchards

Dwight Miller Orchards is a family-owned and operated, eighth-generation farm and orchard in Dummerston, Vermont. Read and Malah Miller, along with daughter Ruth and son Will, work with local employees to grow, harvest, market, and deliver organic apples and other orchard fruits and produce. They make organic maple syrup and press fresh, organic sweet cider on their farm. They also make organic apple cider vinegar which we use in our dressings. In the fall we use their apples in our fresh organic juices. Check out their website at dwightmillerorchards.com.

South River Miso

South River Miso is a family owned, artisan miso company located at South River Farm in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Conway, Massachusetts. They have been making hand-crafted, wood-fired, certified organic miso for over thirty years according to a centuries-old, Japanese farmhouse tradition. This is miso making practiced in a time-honored way, in an atmosphere where careful food preparation is considered fundamental to the healing arts.

South River supplies us with chickpea miso for our dressings and wellness broths. To learn more about the miso-making process, go to southrivermiso.com.

YUP Coffee Roasters

YUP Coffee Roasters is a family-run roastery and café on the riverbanks of Florence, MA. They roast craft coffee in small batches and serve it up onsite to friends and neighbors, along with teas, pastries, bagels, soup, and lovely river views. They carefully select beans on a seasonal basis from farms practicing social and environmental responsibility. All of their coffees are organic and either certified fair trade or from farmer cooperatives.

YUP Coffee Roasters supplies us with their delicious coffee. Learn more about their philosophy and business at yupcoffee.com.

Full Moon Ghee

Full Moon Ghee, founded by Hannah Jacobson-Hardy, is located in Greenfield, MA. Hannah and her team craft small batches of ghee on the full moon, following the lunar cycles, while infusing each jar with intentions for healing and vitality. They source the finest Jersey cow butter from local farms that does not contain any hormones or antibiotics.

Nourish uses Hannah’s ghee on toasts, in our coffees, and speciality drinks. To learn more go to fullmoonghee.com.

Sweet Birch Herbals

Sweet Birch Herbals is a community herbal medicine company founded by Hannah Jacobson-Hardy in Williamsburg, MA. Sweet Birch offers high-quality herbal products made with locally-sourced, organic, and sustainably wildcrafted ingredients. Their mission is to expand the wisdom of community herbal medicine while fostering a harmonious relationship with the Earth and all its inhabitants through educational programs, herbal products, apprenticeships, cultivation of herbs, and sustainable wild-crafting.

Nourish serves Hannah’s immune-boosting Fighter Cider (a.k.a “fire cider”). Learn more at sweetbirchherbals.com, or stop by the Tuesday Market in Northampton April-November.

Full Kettle Farm

Full Kettle Farm is a one-acre herb farm located in Montague, MA. Owned and operated by Greg Disterhoft, Full Kettle grows, harvests, and processes all their herbs by hand. Most of their herbs are dried on-site in a custom drying room, and then blended into their selection of local herbal teas. They also distill their own essential oils using a wood-fired stainless steel distiller. Full Kettle hosts numerous workshops throughout the growing season on herbalism and cultural transformation. They are a model of small-scale backyard agriculture, and they hope to see more small farms in the future!

We serve several of Greg’s herbal tea blends at Nourish. Go to fullkettle.com for more details.

Artisan Beverage Cooperative

Artisan Beverage Cooperative is a worker-owned coop based in Greenfield, MA. They are the producers of Katalyst Kombucha, Ginger Libation, and Green River Ambrosia of the Pioneer Valley. They supply us with kombucha, which we pour straight from the tap at Nourish. To learn more about Artisan Beverage Cooperative, go to artbev.coop.

Kitchen Garden Farm

Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, MA is owned and operated by Caroline Pam and Tim Wilcox. They grow 50 acres of organic specialty vegetables for restaurants and stores throughout the Northeast, and make award-winning sriracha and salsa from the farm’s produce. Kitchen Garden supplies us with their tasty sriracha sauce. Go to kitchengardenfarm.com to learn more.

Woodstar Café

Woodstar Café is a family-owned bakery, sandwich shop and full-service espresso bar located in downtown Northampton, MA. They bake from scratch using traditional techniques and pure ingredients. No preservatives. No trans-fats. And they do their best to go local and organic. Woodstar makes a delicious gluten free bread, which we offer as a toast option at Nourish. Check them out at woodstarcafe.com.

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