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We are so lucky to be based in the Pioneer Valley, home to a vast array of makers, artists and artisans, and an inspired food scene that supports and is supported by our small local farms. At Nourish, Northampton’s wellness cafe and juice bar, we love to use local farm products in our organic, plant-based menu items. If you’re interested in local farm products, you can sample many of them in our restaurant dishes – and if you like what you taste, we can guide you to their sources. Keep reading to learn about our favorite local farm products and how we use them.

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Local Farm Products: Full Moon Ghee

Full Moon Ghee is a Greenfield, MA-based company founded by Hanna Jacobson-Hardy. At Full Moon Ghee, Indian-style clarified butter is crafted on the full moon from locally-sourced, hormone- and antibiotic-free Jersey cow butter. We blend Full Moon Ghee into our specialty drinks and spread it on local sourdough toast.

Local Farm Products: Maple Syrup from North Hadley Sugar Shack

Ghee isn’t the only local ingredient flavoring our specialty drinks. We sweeten our drinks to your taste with pure maple syrup from North Hadley Sugar Shack. We love maple syrup, an all-natural sweetener rich in antioxidants and zinc, with a lower score on the glycemic index than sugar (which translates to a less dramatic impact on blood sugar levels).

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Local Farm Products: Kitchen Garden Farm Sriracha

At Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, MA, 50 acres of organic specialty vegetables are grown to supply restaurants and stores throughout the northeast. They supply us with their tasty, award-winning sriracha sauce – the perfect accompaniment to spice up a Wellness Bowl or Avo Toast!

Local Farm Products: Herbal Tea Blends from Full Kettle Farm

Interested in trying some locally grown and produced tea? Full Kettle Farm grows, harvests, and processes their herbs by hand. They dry most of them on-site in their custom drying room, then blend them into a selection of specialty teas, some of the local farm products we are proud to offer at Nourish.

We put a lot of loving attention towards the plants and the soil, and as a result our herbs are full of life, happy to serve us as we serve them. Cultivating only one acre, we use a mix of a raised bed system and ‘herb patches,’ along with extensive cover cropping, mulching, and composting. The farm has healthy Chi flowing throughout, with a small stream of clean mountain water hugging the field like a mama bear. – Full Kettle Farm

Local Farm Products: Gill Greenery Sprouts

Another of our favorite local farm products are delicious, tender sprouts from Gill Greenery! Year-round, they grow eight varieties of sprouts at their indoor facility in Gill, MA. You can enjoy their sprouts atop your Wellness Bowl or wrapped up in our Nori Roll.

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Those are just a few of the local farm products we love to serve our customers at Nourish. Visit our Local Love Page to learn about many more of our local suppliers. We wouldn’t be the cafe we are without them!

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