Nourish is a Kid Friendly Restaurant in Downtown Northampton

Wondering where to go for a fun, relaxed meal with your kids – where everyone can find something delicious and healthy to enjoy? Visit us at Nourish Wellness Cafe in Downtown Northampton, MA! At our sunny cafe, you can enjoy locally-sourced, organic ingredients in each of our many menu options – and even our sweet treats are good for you! We sure know how picky kids can be, which is why we offer a simple, wholesome menu just for little ones at our kid friendly restaurant. Keep reading to learn more.

Visit us on the corner of Bridge and Market Streets in Northampton!

Kid Friendly Restaurant Menu

Our organic, vegan, gluten-free smoothies are popular with all ages. On our kids’ menu, we have a mini version of one of the most popular smoothies from our regular menu: Purple Prana (made with banana, blueberry, date, almond butter, coconut milk). We also offer a couple smoothies created with kids in mind: Strawberry Fields (with strawberry, banana, date, and coconut milk) and Pura Vida (like a healthy, virgin Piña Colada… pineapple, banana, coconut milk, and mango!).

At our kid friendly restaurant, kids can also get a fresh-pressed apple or beet-carrot-apple juice, fruit slices with almond butter, or a Hungry Monkey: toast with almond butter and banana (choose local sourdough or gluten free bread).

Finally, there’s the Lil’ Sprout Bowl – the kids’ version of our popular Wellness Bowls. It’s a simple bed of brown rice topped with avocado and hummus. Satisfying, energizing, and fun to eat!

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Grown-Up Dishes Popular with Kids

Many of the dishes on our menu are kid friendly. Our Smoothie Bowls are a fun riff on the usual smoothie, enjoyed with a spoon instead of a straw. Kids are amazed how good-for-you ingredients blend right into a sweet, creamy Green Goddess Bowl. Share a Cacao Superfood Shake with your little chocolate lover for a rich, good-for-you treat. Out with your kid and craving a coffee? We’ve got organic Fair Trade coffee from Dean’s Beans, and kids (and their adults) can enjoy a very convincing substitute in caffeine-free Dandy Blend, made from dandelion, chicory, and other herbal extracts. We use it in our Mayan Mocha, Vanilla Latte, and more warm drinks.

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Is Your Kid an Organic Kid?

We are proud to be Northampton’s first all-organic wellness cafe, with a commitment to locally sourcing as many ingredients as possible. More and more people in our community are choosing organic for the health of their family. When you’re spending the day out with the kids and the time comes to get a bite to eat, you don’t have to sacrifice your organic values. Visit Nourish Wellness Cafe, conveniently located downtown. Sit at our high counter or watch the world go by through our large windows. Start up a conversation with your kids about the importance of using compostable to-go containers instead of plastic, why restaurants should compost their food waste, and why plants are good for us. Breakfast, lunch or dinner at Nourish is a wholesome experience for the whole family.

We’re open Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm, and Sundays 9am-7pm!

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