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We love sipping herbal tea throughout the day. The simple act of pausing to savor the flavors of an herbal tea has the power to bring you into the present moment. Warm herbal teas can help keep digestion humming along, settle the nervous system, boost the immune system, and more. If you are searching the web for “herbal tea near me,” check out our menu of unique herbal teas at Nourish. Keep reading to learn about where we source our herbal tea, the types of tea we carry, and the properties of the herbs that are used in these teas.

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Herbal Tea Near Me: Close to the Source

The source of our herbal tea blends is Full Kettle Farm, located in nearby Sunderland, MA. At this one-acre herb farm, owner-operator Greg Disterhoft grows, harvests, and processes all the herbs by hand, before drying them on-site in a custom drying room. The herbs are then blended into Full Kettle’s selection of specialty teas, several of which we carry at Nourish.

From Full Kettle, learn what makes this a special source of herbal tea in the Pioneer Valley:

“We grow everything by hand, using a rototiller sparingly in the springtime to work in cover crops. Our herbs are harvested at peak freshness and most of them go through our beautifully crafted drying room, eventually bound for your tea pot! We put a lot of loving attention towards the plants and the soil, and as a result our herbs are full of life, happy to serve us as we serve them. Cultivating only one acre, we use a mix of a raised bed system and ‘herb patches,’ along with extensive cover cropping, mulching, and composting.”

This unique farm is a model of small-scale backyard agriculture. We love carrying their excellent teas and sharing them with our community. When you choose one of Full Kettle Farm’s herbal tea blends from the menu at Nourish, you’re truly sipping an “herbal tea near me.”

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Some of Our Favorite Herbal Teas on the Menu at Nourish

Murder of Colds: Stave off the flu and push out the toxins with this tea. Anise hyssop, tulsi, spearmint, echinacea blossom, rose hips, yarrow, calendula, and elderflowers go into this flavorful blend that can help support your immune system response. It’s great to take at the first signs of a cold, or to sip regularly as an immune tonic.

Full Breath: Support respiratory system health with anise hyssop, chamomile, marshmallow, thyme, licorice root and elecampane.

Restoration: A blend of nutritive tonic herbs, this tea includes nettle, red raspberry leaf, dandelion, milky oats, and red clover. Goji berry and spearmint add a little zing. Drink this tea often for easily assimilated nutrition and support for the entire body!

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