Experience Hemp Properties at Nourish Wellness Cafe

Hemp is known for being a superfood, as well as a versatile fiber with a multitude of uses! When it comes to hemp as a food, keep reading to learn about healthful hemp properties. Then visit Nourish to try this unique superfood, which we sprinkle throughout our organic, plant-based menu!

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What Are Hemp Properties?

High in Protein

Three tablespoons of hemp seeds contain over 9g of complete protein. A complete protein provides all nine amino acids that the body needs. Few plant-based foods are complete proteins, which is one reason why hemp seeds and hemp properties are such an important part of our menu at Nourish!

Good Source of Essential Fatty Acids

Hemp seeds deliver important fatty acids, which are crucial to long-term health. Meanwhile, hemp is low in saturated fat and free of trans fat.

More Hemp Properties

Hemp is high in fiber, Vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. Hemp may protect the brain from neurological conditions, boost heart health, reduce inflammation, and more. (Source: Medical News Today

How We Use Hemp On the Menu at Nourish

For our Green Goddess Bowl, we start with a sweet and creamy frozen blend of spinach, avocado, banana and date. Then we top this green cream with hemp seeds, cacao nibs, and shredded coconut. We also use crunchy hemp seeds as a gluten free topping for blended acai and banana in our tasty Acai Bowl. Hemp seeds are one of the toppings on our Nourish Bowl, made of some of our favorite foods in the world: brown rice, beet hummus and fermented beets, avocado, shredded carrots, and locally grown sprouts. A sprinkle of hemp seeds adds the benefit of those hemp properties listed above. You can add hemp seeds—and healthful hemp properties—to any smoothie or bowl.

Our menu is all organic, plant based, and vegetarian, with a wide variety of vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options. We are happy to accommodate our customers’ needs by substituting from our selection of organic ingredients.

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Why You Should Try Nourish: Customer Reviews

Learn why our customers love Nourish, then visit us on the corner of Bridge St and Market St in Northampton, MA!

“Amazing food and drink choices. Conscious creating in the kitchen. Warm staff. Heart-healthy experience.” – Joshua W., Local Guide on Google Reviews

“Great experience here with the staff and the food! My friend and I came 2x in two days, that’s how much we enjoyed ourselves. We tried the nori roll, one of the bowls, one of the broths, and an acai bowl – all very tasty! The place was very clean and the staff was super friendly.” – Vidhi D. on Google Reviews

“High quality ingredients, sweet employees and high vibe atmosphere. Oh yea and super delicious food!!” – Christopher D. on Google Reviews

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