ADDRESS: 10 Bridge Street. Northampton MA, 01060 

PHONE: (413) 727- 3260 

BUSINESS HOURS:                        

Monday – Friday: 9-4
Saturday & Sunday: 9-5



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Vegetarian Restaurant Northampton: Organic, Local, Fresh, Delicious!

Nourish: A Plant Based, Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant – Northampton

When looking for a vegetarian restaurant, Northampton residents and visitors choose Nourish Wellness Cafe. Nourish serves nutrient-dense vegetarian food that is organically grown, locally sourced, and – of course – nourishing for your body and mind! You’ll find superfoods, healing supplements, house-fermented toppings, and just plain delicious local ingredients throughout our all-organic menu. From ancient flavors (think tahini and miso) to updated classics (avocado toast with beet hummus and local cukes) and unique combinations (Wellness Bowls worth writing home about) we think you’ll be as excited about our menu as we are. Browse our menu here!

Mindful of our customers’ diverse needs and appetites, we provide gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free options, so everybody can find something delicious to enjoy at Nourish. Most of our dishes and drinks are made to order, and our staff will be happy to swap one ingredient for another, or leave something out to suit your needs. It’s one of the things that makes Nourish a vegetarian restaurant Northampton residents love.

We purchase our ingredients from local farmers and producers who use organic practices that not only support the health of your body, but also the Earth. These farming practices help preserve local wildlife, conserve biodiversity, and keep our soil and water clean. Get to know our trusted network of local sources by visiting our Local Love page.

If you’re searching the web for “vegetarian restaurant northampton,” visit Nourish Wellness Cafe. Here, you’ll enjoy local, fresh, nutritious, and delicious food – grown and produced in ways that help to preserve the beautiful planet we live on. To learn more, read Our Story.


ADDRESS: 10 Bridge Street. Northampton MA, 01060

PHONE: (413) 727- 3260


Monday         9-4

Tuesday         9-4

Wednesday   9-4

Thursday       9-4

Friday             9-4

Saturday        9-5

Sunday           9-5


10 Bridge Street.
Northampton MA, 01060


PHONE (413) 727- 3260



Business Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9-4        Saturday & Sunday: 9-5 





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